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Autumn university: what’s next after 'Babel Ackademy' 2010?

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Babel Ackademy 2011, of course! Between 8-12 October 2010 welcomed 35 journalists and local city team members in Istanbul for 'autumn ackademy'. This year, for the first time, we invited Balkan journalists to expand the debate. That's because Babel Ackademy 2010 officially launched two cafebabel.

com writing projects for 2010/ 2011: Orient Express Reporter and Green Europe on the Ground.

We shared our cultures, passions, visions and plans for the future. We saw where each stood in the civil society and journalism sphere of their own country.

Istanbul was a good launchpad, representing in itself a mosaic of cultures and different identities; it is a unique city where you can feel citizen of Europe and citizen of this world.

Who was there?

New and old friends came to support us in Istanbul – new local city teams eager to start in and ; and older teams likeand motivated to get involved in our new projects Orient Express Reporter and Green Europe on the Ground.

Ljubljana Belgrade Athens, Seville Strasbourg

Our Babel Ackademy bounced between varied and interesting workshops, journalistic work and Istanbul by night sessions.

We are eagerly waiting the next Babel Academy in 2011… We want you to be there! 

Thankyou Tania, Senka, Aca - welcome to!, Christiane, Caroline, Lilian, Charlotte, Mana, Tiziana, Clara, Elena,

Sheena, Anne-Lore, Bistra, Natalija - great new team in Ljubljana! - Victorine, Sladjana, Daiva, Belgzim, Ante, Gojko, Andras, Angelina, George , Ozcan, Sebastien

Photo album Babel Ackademy 2010: debates, workshops and food

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