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Work means health: contribute to our new series!

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To get off to a fresh start in 2019, Cafébabel is launching a new European series dedicated to health issues. And guess what? We’re looking for journalists in top shape. So let’s cheers?

"And most importantly, to good health.” At the dawn of 2019 and the day after celebrating its 18th birthday, Cafébabel has decided—along with most of the world—to set some New Year’s resolutions. Having finally crossed the threshold into adulthood, and awaiting to be vaccinated, your favourite European magazine has got 11 ​action-packed​ months of European journalism, innovative formats, participatory events and good vibes in store for you.

But to stay in ​extra​ good shape, we’ve decided to take our New Year's resolutions ​quite literally. That’s why we’re very happy to announce that we are launching a new editorial project in partnership with ​La MutualitéFrancaise​, the federation that brings together different types of complementary and preventive “mutuelles” (non-profit health insurance policies that French citizens use to supplement their national medical coverage)​ ​under one roof. We’re producing a series of 5 articles—accompanied by 5 short videos—about the social protection status of young people in Europe.

As you will have understood by now, we’re going to have to give this project the young, European, offbeat Cafebabel ​touch it deserves​. That’s why we’ve picked 5 main themes that will help us tackle this topic in an original way: 👉 Sustainable development 👉 Intergenerationality 👉 Solidarity 👉 Health 👉 Precariousness

These themes are broad enough to let your imagination run wild; the idea is for you to pitch your ideas to us. How exactly? Send us two pitches for two of the themes mentioned above. This is a paid project. What’s more, if selected, your pitch could be combined with the production—once more remunerated—of a short video on the theme for which you have been selected. This video will then be edited by our team to match our format, called Who Cares.

Would you like to contribute to our newest homemade European project? Send us your two pitches before February 24, 2019 to


In the meantime​, to better immerse yourself in Cafebabel's signature style production methods and hit that ​journalistic​ sweet spot, we invite you to consult our editorial vision as well as our tutorial for new authors.

We wish you all the best for 2019. Especially good health.

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Translated from Le travail c'est la santé : participez à notre nouvelle série !