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Our vision

Our magazine changes the conversation on Europe from straight-laced institutional politics to offbeat stories from the ground. We want to present Europe in a dynamic, informal but simultaneously realistic manner. As a platform, Cafébabel is built by young people who want to express what Europe means to them, to travel, to exchange ideas and to dream a little. Rather than covering Europe’s institutions, Cafébabel covers its people – Europeans – and the many things they have in common. We focus on the real impact and challenges of European integration, and explore how young people are affected by them, ultimately shaping a collective European experience through in-depth storytelling.

Our editorial line

We believe the best way to show Europe in real life is to include a medley of experiences, voices and stories directly from the ground. Thanks to our multilingual approach and our active community of volunteer contributors all across the continent, we come to understand European trends through long-form, in-depth pieces you want to sink your teeth into. We mostly cover lifestyle and society pieces, as well as cultural topics, but we don’t exclude political pieces that are a little off the wall. It’s your unique, critical and provocative tone and personal writing styles that will add to Cafébabel, presenting a fresh vision of Europe.

Our sections


is our section on all forms of creativity in Europe. Be it music, theatre, technological innovation, design or urban knitting... stories in this section stem from artistic endeavours.


is about the continent’s movers and shakers. These stories focus on the people, the initiatives and the organisations committed to shaping the future of Europe. It’s our solutions journalism hub.


covers the realities of daily life in Europe with stories from the ground. Here, you can find our in-depth stories on societal issues that are not always easy to digest.

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