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Veggies in Brussels

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In Brussels, we can grow much more than small sprouts even without the help of chemical agents or greenhouses. Between shared parcels and fish pee, join us and discover the urban agriculture practices of Brussels.

[The podcast is in French only] What makes a good soup? The pot of course, but especially the ingredients. This is why the European Union has invested nearly six million euros into the Brussels urban agriculture project BoerenBruxselPaysans. It allows volunteers to cultivate plots of land in the commune of Anderlecht in the Brussels, and to harvest fruits and the vegetables.

The EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) states that 2% of the national budget is reserved for young farmers. But most of the envelope is dedicated to more traditional forms of agriculture, hence limiting access to land for more sustainable and more local forms of cultivation. Facing this dilemma, aquaponics could change the situation. However, in the third episode of Soupe à l'Union, Steven Beckers, founder of BIGH FARM, explains that this does not enter the EU's organic regulation as yet .

This podcast is in French only

The Soupe à l'Union series is the first podcast produced by Cafébabel. It tries to understand the relationship between European citizens on a daily basis, by giving them the floor on European initiatives.

Cover photo : Toît-verger à AgroParisTech © Hugo Noulin Flickr

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Julien Marcy

After having studied Media, Film and Theater studies in Vienna, I am currently finishing my Master's degree in journalism at ULB in Brussels. Keen on storytelling, I have been writing and directing commercials as well as music videos. The podcast Soupe à l'Union, which I was happy to help getting started with CaféBabel, is my newest and most exciting adventure yet.

Translated from À Bruxelles, des légumes en ville