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Image for Pick of European film award nominees 2012 (19 images)

Pick of European film award nominees 2012 (19 images)

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Story by

Katha Kloss

Translation by:

Cafebabel ENG (NS)


So which three wise men are darkening the 25th annual edition of the European film awards, aside from the theatre lights in Malta? Haneke brings love, McQueen brings sex and Sokurov brings literature to a rather comedy-thirsty awards ceremony. 47 films from 31 European countries will be screened at this year's event


Hasta La Vista - Come As You Are (115 minutes) by Geoffrey Enthoven; Our Children (Belgium/ France/ Switzerland/ Luxembourg, 111 min) by Joachim Lafosse (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Unfair World (Greece/ Germany, 107 min) by
Filippos Tsitos; also Alps (93 min) by Yorgos Lanthimos (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


The Door (Hungary/ Germany, 98 min) by István Szabó; Just The Wind (Hungary/ Germany/ France, 86 min) by Bence Fliegauf (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Love (Austria/ France/ Germany, 127 min) by Michael Haneke and Paradise: Love (Austria/Germany/France, 120 min) by Ulrich Seidl and Sister (Switzerland/ France, 97 min) by Ursula Meier (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Shame (96 min) by Steve McQueen; The Angel’s Share (GB/ France/ Belgium/ Italy, 102 min) by Ken Loach; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (France/ GB/ Germany, 128 min) by Tomas Alfredson (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


The Hunt (Denmark, 111 min) by Thomas Vinterberg; Avalon  (Sweden, 78 min) by Axel Petersén; Iron Sky
(Finland/ Germany/ Australia, 93 min) by Timo Vuorensola; A Royal Affair (Denmark, 132 min) by Nikolaj Arcel; Sons Of Norway (88 min) by Jens Lien; Naked Harbour (Finland, 118 min) by Aku Louhimies (Image:  © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Barbara (105 min) by Christian Petzol; Combat Girls (103 min) by David Wnendt  (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Once Upon A Time In Anatolia (157 min) by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Untouchable (108 min) by Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano;
Carnage (France/ Germany/ Poland/ Spain, 80 min) by Roman Polanski; Rust and Bone (120 min) by Jacques Audiard (Image:  © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Caesar Must Die (76 min) by Paolo & Vittorio Taviani; Diaz: Don't Clean Up This Blood (Italy/ Romania/ France, 120 min) by Daniele Vicari; Shun Li And The Poet (Italy/ France, 96 min) by Andrea Segre (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)

Czech Republic

Flower Buds (91 min) by Zdenek Jiráský; Gypsy
(Czech Republic/ Slovakia, 107 min) by Martin Šulík (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


The Parade (Serbia, 115 min) by Srdjan Dragojevic; Children Of Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina/ Germany/ France/ Turkey, 90 min) by Aida Begic; Death Of A Man In Balkans
(Serbia, 80 min) by Miroslav Momcilovic; The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears (FYROM - Macedonia/ Belgium/ Slovenia/ Germany, 102 min) by Teona Strugar Mitevska (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)

Romania, Bulgaria

Beyond The Hills (Romania/ France/ Belgium, 150 min) by Cristian MungiuSneakers (Bulgaria, 111 min) by Ivan Vladimirov and Valery Yordanov  (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)

Russia, Belarus

Faust (Russia, 134 min) by Alexander Sokurov; Once Upon A Time There Lived A Simple Woman (Russia, 150 min) by Andrey Smirnov; In The Fog (Germany/ Russia/ Latvia/ Netherlands/ Belarus, 127 min) by Sergei Loznitsa (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Unit 7  (96 min) by Alberto Rodriguez; The Dream And The Silence (Spain/ France, 110 min) by Jaime Rosales; The Sleeping Voice (128 min) by Benito Zambrano (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


The Exchange (Israel/ Germany, 95 min) by Eran Kolirin; Policeman (105 min) by Nadav Lapid (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Rose (94 min) by Wojciech Smarzowski; In Darkness (Germany/ Poland/ Canada, 144 min) by Agnieszka Holland (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Kauwboy (81 min) by Boudewijn Koole (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)


Tabu (Portugal/ Germany/ Brazil/ France, 118 min) by Miguel Gomes (Image: © EuropeanFilmAcademy)

Translated from European Film Awards 2012: Im Dunkeln ist gut munkeln