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Ibrahim Maalouf: The Trumpet of Destiny

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Translation by:

Arwen Dewey


The French Lebanese musician draws his sweet poetry straight from today's world, playing our fears, our languid romances, and our convictions right back at us.

In his latest music video, Ibrahim Maalouf turns the Beyoncé song "Run the World" into a sermon, predicting the future and sounding the alarm. The year is 2027, and according to a sombre Minister of Origins, all "different" people are outcasts. What follows is reconciliation between the established order and the intoxicating resistance. The message, despite its unsettling predictions, is optimistic, and Maalouf’s trumpet is spellbinding. In this fairy-tale, civil society, humanity, and compassion win out over segregation, intolerance and hate.  

Translated from Ibrahim Maalouf : la trompette de la destinée