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Holocaust or low cost?

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Adriano Farano


A funny conversation showed generational divide on Germany - and Europe - history. Two German babelian girls last week were chatting in a café in Le Marais, a cosy area  in the heart of Paris. Of course they were chatting in German. Suddenly an old lady, a co-owner of the café, just asked: - Excuse me... What is the language you are speaking? - German, Madame - Oh, I didn't think it could be so sweet.

.. May I ask you something?

- You are welcome

- How do young Germans live Holocaust today?

Then another babelian, a Spanish one, who was eating on the same table but without following the German conversation said

- The low cost? They are great! You can go to Budapest with a small budget!

Then my babelmates from Germany did reply to the question. But I think this anecdote can really explain a ot about the generational clivage existing today in the Old Continent.

I mean, Holocaust is one of the worst pages of European - more than just German - history. But I do not agree with those who identify German language, people and culture with this tragedy. Today's Germans - and I am speaking about new generations - have made the necessary understanding with their story. This is not the case of other people, the French in particular. Their stories are different of course. But please let's try to turn the page, Madame!

Translated from Holocaust oder low-cost?