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Image for Germany 'wants Europe': political, cultural and social media campaign (9 images)

Germany 'wants Europe': political, cultural and social media campaign (9 images)

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Story by

Katha Kloss

Translation by:

Cafebabel ENG (NS)


A fresh European wind is blowing across Germany with the end of the summer holidays. With chancellor Angela Merkel's push for a new European treaty with a tighter fiscal corset, ten of the largest German foundations have launched a social media campaign called 'I want Europe' (Ich will Europa) to renew the general enthusiasm for the Old Continent. German president Joachim Gauck is patron, whilst the fields of culture and economy have their say too; DJ Paul van Dyk wants 'more rhythm', whilst former chancellor Helmut Schmidt wants more respect for Europe. Whether the cheesy folk singer and TV presenter Florian Silbereisen should feature in this European campaign though (image six) is another question. As Paris and Berlin have teamed up again to keep up the pressure on Greece, it's worth seeing whether Merkel's actions will be louder than the opening remarks she made for the campaign


Germany's ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt says Germans have to 'fight for Europe' (Image: © Holde Schneider/ BLUMBERG/


Pop singer Ivy Quainoo: 'I am a Berliner, a German and a European - part of a community' (Image: © Björn Ewers/

Speak the truth

The CEO of Airbus, Thomas Enders: 'We will only have enough shear force in the world by being together' (Image: © EADS/ Pohlmann/


'We establish community and trust through rhythm - that's how we can work together instead of against each other' says DJ Paul van Dyk (Image: © AntheZ/Fotografie/


Former EU commissioner Günter Verheugen says 'going back to the past and national member staters means going back to old conflicts' (Image: © Björn Ewers/


Folk singer and TV presenter Florian Silbereise, simply, 'believes in Europe: faith can move mountains' (Image: © Dominik Butzmann/ BLUMBERG/


Actress Bettina Zimmermann says we have to 'protect the various opportunities that Europe against us' (Image: © Dominik Butzmann/ BLUMBERG/


Former president Roman Herzog says it's 'not about how big we can make the EU, it's how strong' (Image: © BLUMBERG/


TV presenter Katrin Bauerfeind says 'every generation has its task; Europe is ours!' (Image: © Dominik Butzmann/ BLUMBERRY/

Translated from Deutschland-Kampagne: „Ich will Europa“ – wirklich?