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Cafébabel, Partner in the Europhonica Radio Project

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Arwen Dewey

On October 25, don't miss the official opening of Europhonica, a European community radio project based in the European Parliament.

Every month, listen to live shows produced by dozens of young broadcast journalists from Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. The aim of Europhonica is to be a citizen's echo chamber in the institutional heart of Europe, questioning the key players that are building national and European public policy.

The First European Community Radio 

During the plenary sessions at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, radio stations from all 5 countries will be transmitting live from the "Vox Box" at the foot of the assembly. Listen in on any one of 29 Campus stations in France and over 80 stations in Europe.

Every month, dozens of European journalists will meet in Strasbourg to discuss common goals:

- deciphering political, social, economic and cultural news

- questioning the key players building national and European public policy

- acting as a citizen's echo chamber at the heart of institutions

Listen to samples from the test episode recorded last September:

Official Programming Begins October 25

Europhonica is distributed on FM radio and via Internet, to encourage the active participation of listeners and Internet users. Access all the programs in all available languages on the official website and on social media  (Twitter / FacebookInstagram).

Translated from Cafébabel, partenaire du projet radio Europhonica