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Youth Unemployment : Europe misses its turn

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Within two years, EU member states want to establish a guarantee for youth employment. This was decided by 24 leaders at a special summit on youth unemployment which took place in Paris on Tuesday, but it is not what has been understood by the European media


European leaders agreed in Paris at a special summit for youth employment that a "Youth Guarantee" will be adopted in two years. This guarantees that every unemployed person under 25 will receive a job, an apprenticeship or a training place within a period of four months. An absolutely unrealistic promise, according to the center-left daily Delo: "The weak recovery that is beginning in the euro area is not enough to remove the immense problems. The EU has chosen to treat its ailments with homeopathy instead of real medicine. The European budget contains plans to spend six billion euro over the next two years to fight against the largest European scourge [youth unemployment] . That is why ... the guarantee of a job or access to a training course in the four consecutive months following the loss of a job or the end of a training course seems disconnected from reality. It is inconceivable ... that countries in crisis, caught in the grip of austerity and recession, are really in a position to create millions of jobs. "(Published on 13.11.2013 )

Diário de Notícias - Portugal : EMPTY POLITICS

European leaders must stop talking hot air and take concrete measures to fight against youth unemployment, claims the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias: "When 24 of the 28 EU leaders meet outside the Council, it can only mean that the matter is both grave and of particular urgency. Indeed, of the 24 million people under 25, 5.5 million cannot find work. The rate of youth unemployment within the EU is 23.5 percent… It is well known that the picture is even bleaker in southern Europe… This is already the second conference on this subject but as yet there have been no tangible positive results. The launch of the "youth guarantee" is scheduled for January 2014. ... However, the need to promote growth in Europe to lance the abscess of unemployment – both youth and in general – has been neither discussed nor considered a priority."(Published on 13.11.2013 )


To combat youth unemployment, the heads of state and governments of the EU announced plans to provide 45 billion euro. Nevertheless, it is ultimately the economic conditions which will decide opportunities for young people in the labour market, said the economic center-left newspaper Cinco Días: "The financial means should not be a part of the overall strategy of the EU if it really wants to fight youth unemployment. Six million young Europeans - probably the most educated in history -  have no prospect of employment and therefore no future. Only economic growth can create jobs for young people and for the rest of the population. Financial aid is welcome, but to reduce unemployment, the best means is by improving the economic situation. "(Article published on 13.11.2013 )


Enabling disadvantaged people to make a living abroad should be a priority in the fight against youth unemployment. This is the claim made by the two secretary-generals of the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ) in the leftist daily Taz: "The biggest challenge is to help disadvantaged young people in the labour markets of their social origin and education level. For them it is impossible to envisage the prospect of spending time in another European country. That is why it is important to publicise existing opportunities and enhance the recognition of skills acquired abroad. ... This formal recognition could also convince those who have not yet dared to try an experiment of expatriation, and could improve their employment prospects… by incorporating an experience abroad into their education - as in the days of "companions". Today, we must restore honour to the chances offered by migration." (Published on 13.11.2013)

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Translated from Chômage des jeunes : L'europe passe son tour