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You're a journalist and you're interested in Health issues ?

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... Be a winner in the EU Health Prize for Journalists 2011! As part of its "Europe for Patients" campaign, the European Commission has launched a prize to stimulate and reward high-quality journalism that raises awareness of healthcare and patients' rights issues. Back in Autumn 2010, also published a dossier about Health in Europe.

And we support this new occasion to work on this huge issue...

Journalists are invited to submit articles that have appeared in print or on-line publications between 07.19.2010 and 07.24.2011. The final date to submit your entry is 07.24.2011.

A national finalist for each EU country will be nominated by a national jury composed of journalists and public health experts and chaired by the European Commission. The national finalists will then compete for the EU level prizes: 6 000 € for the winner, 2 500 € for the second prize and 1 500 € for the third prize. In addition to these 3 prizes, a special prize of 3 000 € will be awarded to the best article on 'smoking cessation'.

All national finalists will be invited to Brussels for a media seminar on EU health issues followed by a prestigious award ceremony hosted by the EU Health Commissioner John Dalli.

To participate and for more information please visit the website