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Young Poles, are you staying or leaving?

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[Poll] Do young Poles fantasize about the western labor market and earnings in foreign currency? Do we dream of life abroad or just the opposite?

Already in 2004 we began going en masse for master's degrees/ building projects to England. Even part of the Polish political telenovela (the one with love story) was going on in London. We have flown over the entire continent with Ryanair and WizzAir and some of us are so-called "European orphans", whose parents left their homes seduced by the siren singing of the western labor market.

But how is it today? Do Poles still want to leave?

We want to find out.

We invite you to participate in a short survey (filling out time: 2 minutes).

It contains three questions:

1. Do you want to leave Poland on a perminent bais within the next year? (Yes No)

2. Why? (for both "Yes" and "No")

3. To which country do you want to move? (only for "Yes")

Join the poll by clicking this link. (ten link).

You can also help us reach the other and pass the link to your friends. The more surveyed, the more interesting the Familiad!

By using hashtag # Emigration2016 we will share with you project updates on our facebook and twitter. For example, this justification of the desire to leave, left us by one of the respondents:

Translated from Młodzi Polacy, wyjeżdżacie czy zostajecie?