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Who we are: promoting journalism exchanges between Europe and Asia

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The Asia-Europe Committee of Journalists is a non-profit organisation created in 2009 under the umbrella of the European Youth Press (EYP) that connects about 40, 000 young journalists across Europe, and the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), which similarly connects 1, 500 young journalists all over Asia.

asia-europe1 AECJ has 4 European and 3 Asian members - all professional journalists - aiming to bring together Asian and European journalists, and build sustainable co-operations between them. We wish to provide opportunities for journalists from both continents through projects such as traineeships, mentoring, peer feedback and cultural exchange. AECJ also aims to create a platform to meet, co-operate and create actual media output together.

Members and roles as of November 2011:

Contact person in Asia: Bruce Avasadanond (Thailand, Canada)

Contact person in Europe: Alessia Cerantola (Italy)

Shuk-Wah Michelle Chung (China, Australia)

Maciej Duszynski (Poland)

Dora Haller (France, Hungary)

Jekki Pascual (The Philippines)

Nabeelah Shabbir (England, Pakistan)


Ngô Bích Ngọc (Vietnam) '' Karan Gupta'' (India)

See more about the team's first meeting in Singapore, 2009

This blog will be the European home for visibility of editorial content directly relating to the countries we represent amongst one another, as a starting point in sharing information. The Asian and official home of the Asia-Europe committee is INASIA.

What else do we want to do? Network, brainstorm, attend conferences, create opportunities for our countries to flower out, exploit the ones that exist,

So far there are seven of us based across various countries and we are defining our roles in maximising awareness and progress on both sides. We look forward to hearing from you!

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