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Who are the ''Anatolians??

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Correspondance from Istanbul, Turkey While reading the magazine Time Out Istanbul I found an article about an exhibition which is organised in the city. The subject is about the connection between ancient Phocaia and Marseille.

Everything seemed nice and interesting up to the moment when I ve noticed the following:  ''The Anatolian people of Phocaia pressed by the Persian influence colonized Marseille'' . I was stunned. Who are these ''Anatolians''? Are there any kind of super heroes who came from the outer-space ? Was Alexander the Makedonski their leader? Our friends and neighbors are claiming that these ''Anatolians'' illuminated the western civilization! Did you know that philosopher Heraclitus was ''Anatolian''? Homer himself was ''Anatolian'' as well!! 

All this is ridiculous! When are they going to get serious in Turkey? Why dont they admit that all these people were Greek?

Its a shame not for Greece but for Turkey. Is really disappointing because the whole academic community laughs with such claims..And the tourists as well..