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Where are the public universities??? An erasmus experience...

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Hello dear friends,

I am doing my Erasmus in Liege,Belgium and I found it compelling enough to share with you my current experience of studying in another university and also some thoughts over education in our continent.. University of Liege is one of the best universities of Belgium with a high percentage of foreign students (almost 40%).

Before the classes begun we took the bus from the city after paying 1.30 euros - an enormous amount for the greek standards and after finding out that there where no discount for students..You can imagine that it was a big shock because in Greece the student ticket for a single route is 0.25 euro!!! After that we went to the campus to find the residence where we would stay these 6 wonderful months to come...but the price is 270 euros for one month while the price for a residence in Greece is 350 euros for a year...!!! The local students informed me also that they have to pay almost 1000 euros per year for the University and they also had to buy the books something we will have to do too just because we are Erasmus...This conversation happened in the restaurant of the university where we payed from 4 to 6 euros to eat.. while in Greece it is 3 euros per year!!! Some Spanish students from Barcelona told me that they also pay the same amount as in Liege...all these for their public university!!! So is this a public university? No I dont think is public only for those who have at least 1000 euros per year to spend for their studies...And where is the acquis for public education which is a duty of the state to its citizens? A right which is supposed to be common for all its citizens? I dont care if the greek university does not recognize ECTS points, the Bologna process or if the political parties play significant role in its function...I really dont care...because I dont have to pay registration each year or to buy my books...Neither to pay for my residence or my food...I dont want to present my country as an example..greek universities have a lot of problems, serious problems...but at least they are public..This should be the demand of all European students...really public universities in the EU..attending a public university without paying is not a luxury, its a right...