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What would I like to know about a member?

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inside cafébabel

One of our aim with the new website is to set up a community of actors, (readers and contributors). is already an active community, but would like to materialize this on the website.

We believe that actors have a lot to share and to exchange. But for that, "Babelites" have to get to know each other.

To facilitate this, all members of the community wil have to fill in some information (mandatory or not) about who they are in a profile.

Beyond the basics (name, email, etc), we'de like to have a set of questions reflecting values, such as curiosity, multilinguism, cross cultural approach and open-mindedness (in short ;-).

We thought of the following list of questions for the profile we thought of:

For me Europe is ... I like because... At the moment, I read... For me, politics is about... My favourite movie is... I've lived in... At the moment I listen to... What I like on the web...

We'd like to know :

What do you think about this list? Up to how many questions of this type would you answer? (considering they're not mandatory, and that there are other information you can provide elsewhere).Do you have other ideas of questions we could ask to members ?

Thanks for your help