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Image for 'What people think I do/ What I really do' memes follow Europe cliches (10 images)

'What people think I do/ What I really do' memes follow Europe cliches (10 images)

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Whilst some may think a 'community manager' wastes day on end on facebook, said 'CM' might think they're the Warrior of the World Wide Web. When Garnet Hertz uploaded the first graphic chart reflections of what people - society, his friends, his parents - thought about his job as a 'contemporary artist' onto the viral e-marketing website Know Your Memein February 2012, it gave way to a wave of expression on modern-day jobs. Before long politics and European cliches joined the creative fold - here's the best of the facebook memes, from Bulgarian 'chalga' music to Czech drinking culture

Greece: most talked about EU member state of late

Protests, economic crisis, eurozone crises - the 'what I actually do' placard held up in the bottom right picture says 'Have PhD, finished three post-doctorates, published six papers, will work for food' - echoing a report of Athens' '700 euro generation' on in 2010. Sent in by Elina, Athens  (Image: (cc) facebook)

 European corner of paradise

A rather self-serving truth sent in by a native and former Italian editor of (Image: (cc) facebook)

Traditional Bulgarian music?

Sent in by Bistra, Sofia. Read 'Chalga folkpop: ‘forget yourself in our rhythm’ on (Image: (cc) facebook)

 Unemployment is the truth in Spain

Sent in by Cristina, (Image: (cc) facebook)

 Exchange students in Paris

Sent in by Matthieu, (Image: (cc) facebook)

Czech Republic: highest rate of beer consumption in Europe

More truths from European corners of paradise... Read 'Drinking trademark Budweiser beer in Bohemia', 'Czech smokers: pubs welcome Europe’s last indoor puff' and 'Czech your beer craze' on Sent in by Cristina, (Image: (cc) facebook)

How studying abroad visions change in Germany

Following in the Czech meme's vein... (Image: (cc) facebook)

Germany's president

Goodbye, Mr President! From left to right, top to bottom: 'How I see myself, How my wife sees me, How people see me, How journalists see me, How chancellor Merkel sees me, How reality is. Sent in by Alexandra, (Image: (cc) Süddeutsche Zeitung)

 French in the USA

Well, at least it's not a trend to do what Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn did in the USA...Sent in by Matthieu, (Image: (cc) facebook)

We are all facebook...

Sent in by American artist John James Anderson (Image: (cc) facebook)

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Translated from Facebook: Was Leute denken, was ich in Europa mache