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Webimedia Explores New Markets

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One of the most known Estonian software house goes East: Palestina and Quatar look better than Estonia.

As the situation is getting harder everyday, some companies decided to try other ways and explore other markets, no matter how far those will be from the Estonian one.

Priit Alamae, Webmedia CEO, has some clear ideas about that: “Everything is in place here”, he said to TigerPrises while commenting the interest its company showed on market such as the Africana and Middle-Easern ones.

Webimedia, a well known and consolidated software house, these markets represent a great chance as for the chances offered by the lack of competitors, as for the money that governments seem to handle at the moment.

After starting by providing services in Palestina for the National Tax Board, Webimedia decided to open an office in the new Silicon Valley of the Middle East, Doha. From here, using the know-how developed in Estonia, the company plans to start offering visas and ID cards-related e-services platforms for the Ministry of Interior.

And this seems to be only the top of a fruitful iceberg as Alamae is convinced that, if the guys in Doha will be smart enough to learn Arabic and widen their relations, the profit of the company might rise by 30-50% per year.

Not bad, especially in a moment when everyone else is crying out in front of the crisis.