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Vote On Belgian-Spanish-Hungarian Presidency Troika Logos

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Libere Paroli

Written by Dániel Antal

Especially if you did not like the logo of the Czech Presidency, here is the opportunity to raise your voice. You can vote on the proposed logos of the Spanish-Belgian-Hungarian presidency troika. I still keep asking why are we turning the European Union into a logo factory - I believe that logos used for a half year do not really have a function at all.

But here is it - be quick, you can vote until Friday afternoon.

(PS. The site is in Hungarian, but voting is easy. Each logo plan has a number, the voting box is under the last one and you have to click the number of your favourite and than fill in a captcha and press Szavazok! button (meaning I vote!).

The three countries have called for a competition among art students. Nine proposals were selected by a jury in Hungary and the tenth will be selected for the final decision by the internet vote on Hungary’s official portal, 10-10-10 logos will be considered from the three countries and a three-country jury will select the final logo from these competing ones. What I like about the idea is that the three country rotating presidency will have similar logos for one and a half year which is at least an improvement from the half-year rotation with new logos and ideas.

hosoktereThe voting is over but the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office says it will announce the results only two weeks from now. That is odd, I have written them a letter. I actually endorsed this logo because I do not like the idea that the EU tries to introduce dozens of new logos to the world every year. I’ll update the post if I receive an answer.

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