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Volunteer in Kosovo!

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The will . This project is supported by the . This phase of CAN will be a 7.5 month program, . Volunteers must be between 21-25 years old, and a legal resident a European Union Country or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Turkey. The primary focus of the volunteers will be supporting .

Community Activists Network 4start 15th February 2008European Voluntary Service (EVS)open to 10 EU volunteerseducation in the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo and Macedonia

Therefore, experience, skills and interest in education, particularly with vulnerable communities are predominant criteria for being accepted as a volunteer. Balkan Sunflowers will begin a large and comprehensive project expansion in its community-based education activities: the Learning Centre Network. This program will begin in February/March 2008. CAN volunteers will work in these communities with either existing Learning Centers or be engaged in the start-up of new centers. will include but are not limited to:

Volunteer responsibilities

- Development of volunteer program. The project will include Peer Tutors and other volunteers supporting the Learning Center activities - creating activities for these volunteers for value-added benefit, building a team, etc. - Direct activity involvement with children. As most volunteers will not have the ability to communicate, initially, in local languages, these activities will be “support” related: arts, games, sports, etc. - Working with managers so that they understand and value the importance of reporting and information management as necessary for managing a network of centers and satisfying donor requirements. If necessary, the volunteer might assist with, or initiate the creation of a Database that will enhance data and monitoring of the numbers of children, families, education participation so that this process can be self-sustaining after the departure of the volunteer. The CAN program will emphasize volunteers as “” – supporting development of stronger local networks for education success in the communities. Multipliers are pro-active, team-oriented people who bring about results but also value the processes. CAN is part of an expanding major Balkan Sunflowers commitment to community-based education, in the form of the Learning Centers Network which aims to support approximately 1000 children to stay in school and succeed in school. Applicants should have a passion to accomplish useful work in their host communities. There will be support for language learning.


Valuable qualifications:

- Volunteers should have had previous experience with informal education, early childhood education and community education-oriented projects or related fields.- Volunteers should be well-organized, be self-initiative yet be excellent team-workers. - Volunteers should be flexible, open-minded, innovative, and have patience and humility.- Volunteers will live for a minimum of the first three months with host families. This CAN program will begin on 15th February and end on 15 September 2008. The Application Form in the Volunteering section of this website should be filled out and sent electronically to Balkan Sunflowers. If you are interested in applying but are not in contact with a “Sending Organization” from your own country please contact us so we can give you contact information. Paulina Sypniewska 00377 (0) 44 847 503 / 00381 (0) 38 246 299

E-mail: Skype address: balkansunflowers Skype address: spineczka907 Sport, Youth and Culture Palace Prishtina / Kosovo