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Voglio Mangiare Così: You are what you eat

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[EDITORIAL] Voglio Mangiare Così, our latest series on alternative diets, is a spoon full of hope. Through eight portraits of young Europeans who have chosen to make a statement with what's on their plates, we went above and beyond the latest food trends. 

After our series Voglio Vivere Così on alternative lifestyles and Voglio Credere Così on alternative spirituality, we will delve into the world of alternative diets, where food has become so much more than just eating. Here are the people who have chosen to make a statement through their eating habits.

These days, we have access to all kinds of diets and meals. Big commercial chains and small independent restaurants can be found a stone’s throw away, and meals can even be delivered to our homes. In an era where fast and industrial food is losing ground, a wave of alternative diets are popping up everywhere; they embody the continent’s food counter-culture.

Through eight different portraits of young people whose lives revolve around food, we will explore how food can be used as a tool for activism. Is it possible to fight globalisation with a spoon?

Whether it’s eating insects, using Instagram to promote a vegan lifestyle, trafficking illegal foods through the Old Continent, or dumpster diving to protest consumerism, Voglio Mangiare Così will shine a new light on those who choose to eat differently. those who choose to make a statement.

Through Voglio Credere Così, we explored the new opium of Europe’s youth.

With Voglio Mangiare Così, we will explore how Europe's youth is eating their way to rebellion.