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Voglio Credere Così: Alternative spirituality

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Katha Kloss

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[EDITORIAL] Europe may be losing its religion, but we decided to explore what's left of it. Our newest project Voglio Credere Così dives into the world of alternative spirituality and religion around the continent. What is the new opium of young Europeans? 

After our first season on alternative lifestyles called “Voglio Vivere Cosí” [NB. meaning "I want to live this way" in Italian], we've decided to launch a sequel project on alternative spirituality. 

Our second season called "Voglio Credere Così" (loosely translated as "I want to believe in this") is a collection of eight stories that describe new forms of religion and spirituality across Europe. What can be found on the margins of classical faiths and religious practices? Is our generation's new religion really neoliberalism? 

The need for filling that god-shaped hole in our lives is still there, whether we like to admit it or not. Even if we have experienced a shift towards secularisation, our generation still relies on certain forms of spirituality to create new value systems. 

Through Voglio Credere Così, we want to shed light on young Europeans (aged 18-35) who may have turned their backs on popular religions, but still practice spirituality through alternative trends or movements. 

One of our editors came to terms with her destiny through a Tarot card reading in Paris, while another tried to understand the Jedism religion starting to take shape in the UK. In Palermo, we spoke to a former punk-rocker who has ended up worshipping the Hillsong Church, a hipster musical church. 

It will be a spiritual summer at Cafébabel. Our first story will be released on Wednesday 12 July. From there, we will be releasing one story per week. 

Stay tuned!

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