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Vilnius' regatta 2007 (photos)

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By celebrating water festival Vilnius meets autumn. People are urged to go in for sports and  to use rivers more positively for that reason. Vilnius' regatta - it is a contest for bowmen - both professionals and amateurs. This festival is usually very popular among people living in capital and also in other places of Lithuania.

This year there were 264 contestants, who accepted a challenge of the river Neris. The youngest participant was only two years old. People were navigating canoes, sculls, catamarans, rafts and boats.

The organizers of this event want municipality and society to pay attention to such rivers as Neris and Vilnele and unused their possibilities for active recreation, sport and tourism.

They also want to motivate people and especially young ones to go in for sports more positively.

There's a hope that Vilnius' regatta will be the first water festival in a state, which will attract a lot of tourists, bowmen and other water sports' fans from abroad.

                                            Mixed teams were competing...

                                                          ... and alone

... young captains

                           Someone measured deph of Neris and it's temperature...

                                   ...someone gave away all his power...

                            ...but good emotions was the most important of all!

                                    especially when your team is large...

                                           or you were navigating usuall boat

                          One of the organizers Gintautas Babravičius reached finish...

                                    ... young captain made it too.  

                                  All teams were working hand in hand...

                     ...and you could feel very friendly and jolly atmosphere.

                                        They were competing...                                           ...and they won!Indrė Kumpikevičiūtėphotos Erika Lastovskytė

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