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Videos: Putin, Sarkozy, Blair and Schröder

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Putin pouts, schnip schnap Schröder, Blair sings and Sarkozy and opposition leader Ségolène snuggle

Russia: who could have been the new president?

Russian president and former prime minister Vladimir Putin muses over who could be the next Russian president at United Russia’s congress. My favourite moment? The blonde female forty-something delegate staring at ‘The Reasoning Terminator’, as Putin’s known in the Russian press, with undying admiration. What a catch he would be

Germany: once upon a time, there was a little Schrödi

Unlike Putin and and four million unemployed Germans, former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder doesn’t have to worry about his future career prospects, after landing a job at Gazprom, a state-owned Russian gas giant. The song celebrates the ‘achievements’ of the former fairytale Bundeskanzler in office: higher unemployment, lower pensions, deepening of the budget deficit. Pure magic

Britain: Blair – should I stay or should I go?

That question may have been answered in summer 2007 when former British PM Tony Blair, after much mudslinging, bowed out from 10 Downing Street. However, Blair’s bid for the EU presidency has catapulted him back into the political spotlight. And if not, this video will do it. So here you go. Saying good bye is never easy, I know

France: Sarko and Ségo

Sit back and watch the great romance unveiling between French president Nicolas Sarkozy and opposition leader Ségolène Royal. No happy end for Ségo obviously, this time. Hope Sarko’s other half Carla Bruni isn’t watching. Le petit Nicolas has got too much on his plate already, with all the work-holidaying in luxurious exotic resorts and British castles he has had to endure recently

Homepage photo: Vladimir Putin (Miguel Angel Lopes, Migufu/ Flickr)