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Image for Videos: Boris Johnson, Mariano Rajoy and Rachida Dati

Videos: Boris Johnson, Mariano Rajoy and Rachida Dati

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Astrid vW


We reproach them for their stonewalling and evasiveness, but Europe's politicians sometimes say what they really think, whether by mistake or because they can’t avoid it. Watch them go

There’s no doubt official ceremonies seem really boring, but if a politician dares admit it, scandal can’t be far away. Mariano Rajoy, president of the Spanish popular party, experienced this first-hand. He called the Hispanic parade 'dead boring', a few days before going to it himself. Inappropriate, especially after the video he made the year before, where he called on people to support it in a big way!

In the straight-talking category, the following was heaven-sent: Jack Lang, the French socialist, being as clear and eloquent as ever. For once the undisguised truth escapes his lips and he doesn’t hesitate to ask for 'courage, damn it!' for public investment

It’s impossible to joke about politics without bringing up Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi. This time it’s the new US president that takes the brunt of the Italian prime minister’s ‘truthfulness’. Predictable but still funny

Who said politicians avoided tricky questions by giving vague answers? They try their best but don’t always get it right, as shown by Boris Johnson, mayor of London. He finds himself cornered by a journalist on the issue of the cost of his proposal for renovating London’s public transport. No doubt he’ll do better with a bit more experience

Politicians (whether male or female) have their little secrets and opinions on their colleagues, just like everybody else! Those of French justice minister Rachida Dati and right-wing politician Françoise de Panafieu about the environment minister, Jean-Louis Borloo’s charm, are not especially complementary. It’s a shame for him that the media was there to capture these ‘sincere’ (to say the least!) opinions

Translated from Vidéos : les politiciens jouent franc jeu