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Join us on our first annual retreat on 23.10.2011 where we will go on a nice hiking tour in the Viennese vineyards, which will offer a wonderful sight on the Austrian capital. We will meet at 11 am at the tram station at Schottentor where our socializing will start.

We will have time to get to know each other better as we take the public transport to the start of our hiking tour, facing the challenge of the steep Viennese hills, going beyond our physical capacities and finally satisfying our thirst for adventure. At the end of our tour, we intend to relax and refresh ourselves in a Heurigen (around 2 pm) where the well deserved Sturm and Apfelstrudl will wait for us and where we will be able to discover our underestimated and hidden culinary aptitudes on an open-ended basis. We can’t wait to see you! Please don’t forget to bring your sneakers, a huge portion of creativeness and fresh ideas, a big appetite for Austrian food as well as the necessary intercultural curiosity and openness to enrich our discussions!

N.B. This Babel Wien event is aimed at creating an intensive discussion on the goals and strategy development of Babel Wien, including brainstorming on topics for new articles, recruitment strategies for attracting new members and kicking off the organization of our next big debate: „Multikulti on the ground“ which will take place in spring 2012. If you are interested in joining the retreat, please send an email to: which will help us organizing the event and making the necessary reservations. All are welcome!

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