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Turning point in Cyprus...Is the problem to be solved ?

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On Sunday something changed to Cyprus...For the first time a communist candidate was elected President of the Republic..his name Dimitris Xristofias of the AKEL party..For sure this change means a lot of things not only for the free part of the island but also for the nothern -occupied by Turkey- part.

Turkish Cypriots are waiting for a solution which now seems to be closer than before since Papadopoulos is no longer in power...however they all know that Cristofia's election was a result of Papadopoulos support which probably means a lot on how will the new president try to reach an agreement with the Turkish Cypriots. However Turkish cypriotic medias covered the issue mentioning that the obstacle of Papadopoulos was overpassed. Mehmet Ali Talat mentioned something very important according to my point of view..that it is urgent for Greek Cypriots to understand that Turkish Cypriotic community is politically equal to the Greek Cypriotic in this island. Personally I agree with long as we dont forget that 27% cannot govern the 73% of the people..and that a state, member of the European Union doesnt need protector states let alone a turkish army in the nothern army of a candidate country which does not recognize a member state..