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Image for Tupac is the only good thing about America, mocks Sanctioned Surkov

Tupac is the only good thing about America, mocks Sanctioned Surkov

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Tupac is the only thing that in­ter­ests me about Amer­ica, says Surkov of US Sanc­tions

Vladimir Putin's top aide Vld­islav Surkov laughed at the US sanc­tions im­posed on him. It is a "great ho­n­our" for him to be on the Amer­i­can black­list. Obama froze the dol­lar as­sets of seven Rus­sians con­sid­ered re­spon­si­ble for the Crimea cri­sis. Surkov's re­sponse: "The only things that in­ter­est me in the US are Tupac Shakur, Allen Gins­berg, and Jack­son Pol­lock. And I don't need a visa for that." Hit 'em up!

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Tupac - Hit em' up

Stephen Hawk­ing's apoc­a­lypse

If the human race doesn't man­age to col­o­nize other plan­ets in the next few decades, we're all doomed, says Stephen the sci­en­tist. Ac­cord­ing to Stephen, in 50 years it will be pos­si­ble to build set­tle­ments on the moon, in 100 years on Mars. You'll have to tell your grand­chil­dren what life on earth was like!

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