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Second Home

Photographer: Valentina Calà

My project is called Travellers. It is a collective portrait about expats in Brussels, those who live in the so-called “Eurobubble”. They have travelled all around Europe (and sometimes the world), before arriving in Brussels. During their journeys, they collected many luggages, testifying their lives in constant movement. 

Bianca | © Valentina Calà

Bianca (Austria). Places where she lived: Austria, France, Italy, USA, Indonesia, Belgium. 

Cristina | © Valentina Calà

Cristina (Italy). Places where she lived: Italy and Belgium.  

Luisa | © Valentina Calà

Luisa (Italy). Places where she lived: Italy, Spain, Belgium.

Matteo | © Cristina (Italy). Places where she lived: Italy and Belgium.

Matteo (Italy). Places where he lived: Italy, France, Spain, Greece, UK, Ireland, Belgium.

Michael | © Valentina Calà

Michael (UK). Places where he lived: UK, France, Belgium

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