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Transnational media cooperation: #BrexitDebate

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Analysing the UK referendum on EU membership. Together with our European media partners, we are producing content to explain, deepen and understand the different perspectives of the UK referendum.


A pan-European network of media outlets, independent portals, journalists and activists, sharing the belief that a forward-looking media is key to framing political debates for an open, fair, and democratic Europe.  


Together, we aim to establish an alternative media network in Europe able to speak and organise ourselves beyond borders in what is still a primarily national media landscape. We aim to connect our already existing audiences at the national level towards setting a shared European agenda. We aim to be an online space for a more connected generation of active citizens that engage with current events and social issues. We are engaged, which means that we challenge the status quo, and raise questions and demands on issues we consider as vital for democracy in Europe.

FIRST SHOT - #BrexitDebate

For our first months of collaboration, we are producing and disseminating content to explain, deepen and understand the different perspectives of the UK referendum. We want to bring together a whole variety of articles, interviews, videos, events, talk-shows, debates, conversation, reports and more, that are happening in every country. The UK referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 will be the first time in a generation that British and Commonwealth citizens will have the chance to decide whether or not they should stay in the European Union. No matter what the result will be, there is a need to debate and re-think the Europe project.


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