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They know what you did last summer...and that's why they want YOU!

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I´m sure you all have loads and loads of pictures taken in summer universities or during different exchange programs, you´ve taken part of it´s time to share your experience with fellow students!


Check your computers, pick up the nicest ones and...Join AEGEE photo-competition!

Education Action week is organized in 20 European cities, from as westwards as Belgium and Spain to as eastwards as Russia and Azerbaijan between October 21 and 27. Various formats cover multiple topics which have been chosen to satisfy existing information hunger: mobility programs, Bologna Process, life-long-learning, etc. etc – all these terms will get sense after the Education Action Week. Also here in Tallinn!

New academic year has begun. New challenges are ahead, and many of European students will not only get deep into their subjects, but also take an insight in how to make their education more successful, useful and interesting on Education Action week in October.

Here in Tallinn they will organize a photo exhibition about non-formal education, different ways and the importance of it. Students, that have taken part of summer universities or different exchange programs, will share their experiences and through their photos bring to you unforgettable memories, funny moments and pleasant activities.

The exhibition will be held in Tallinn University (Narva mnt 27). Come and see it and the joyful moments of non-informal education events. Look for signs and posters!

So what else is there on the list? Students will participate in essay competition and enjoy a movie night in Valletta, get into non-formal education in Tartu, attend lectures and workshops in Moscow, Leuven, Strasbourg, Vilnius, Baku and Messina, discuss and learn about Bologna Process in Ivano-Frankivsk, Warsaw, Athens, Stuttgart, Szombathely and Ganja, party and talk to Erasmus students in Torun, fill in a questionnaire about education in Alicante, get insights about stundent NGOs and life-long learning in Samara, explore learning opportunities in Tuebingen, organize a photo exhibition in Ljubljana. We wish you could be there: through the paper it’s absolutely impossible to give a full impression about all the fun and useful content which students will get on AEGEE Education Action Week.

About the organizer: AEGEE is one of Europe’s largest interdisciplinary and voluntary student organizations, operating without being linked to any political party, promoting cross-border cooperation, communication and integration in the academic environment. It strives for creation of an open and tolerant society. Higher education is amongst our main fields of attention.


EAW support: Kadri Kalle

Project manager: Asia Piskunowicz

Responsible for External Relations: Anna Shirokova

And, obviously, get ready: will be there too!