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'There is a platform encouraging public health dialogue between Asia and Europe'

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Public health dialogue? Asia and Europe?

The platform can only be in Brussels, of course...

Like with all acrimonial disputes in this case the association is called ASEF (an offspring of the the Asia-Europe foundation) and was founded in 2009.

Prior to a meeting in February 2012, this is a blurb for one of the latest strategies the team is working on:

''Stand-alone public and private sector mechanisms are not adequate to overcome future pandemic threats. The recent H1N1 pandemic and e. coli outbreak underscore the need for better preparedness for public health emergencies. In response, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) will organise a public briefing to share the ASEF-ASAP (Accurate Scenarios, Active Preparedness) scenarios for pandemic preparedness.''

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