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The Prime Minister met with the European Union Commissioner for Consumer Protection

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Prime Minister Andrus Ansip met with the EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Meglena Kuneva, at Stenbock House.

Commissioner Kuneva is on a study visit to Estonia, to provide an overview of the consumer protection policy of the European Union and get acquainted with the local situation.

Kuneva acknowledged the economic course of Estonia, at the same time stressing the constant need to explain consumers their rights.

“We have a lot of common work to do in this area,” said Kuneva. She added that she is certain of the Estonian Prime Minister’s support.

Andrus Ansip agreed that more attention should be paid to increasing the awareness of consumers so that they would know their rights and be better informed of potential dangers.

“A high level of consumer protection is an important means in the successful operation of the domestic market,” Ansip stressed.

In March 2007, the EU Consumer Policy Strategy 2007-2013 was approved. The main objectives of this are the increase of the influence and wellbeing of consumers and the improvement of the protection of consumers against risks and dangers. The European Commission has launched a new consumer markets surveillance process. The results of this will be a basis for better legal regulation and policy shaping.

“Estonia is interested in simplifying the existing European consumer rights and a greater harmonisation to make the current judicial area clearer and more efficient, which will increase the assurance of both consumers and entrepreneurs,” said the Prime Minister.

In addition to consumer protection issues, Commissioner Meglena Kuneva and Prime Minister Andrus Ansip also discussed the developments related to Georgia and the relations of the European Union and Russia.