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The Pope is Gay

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A Spaniard and a German were once conversing in English, when some harmless small talk turned to outrageous blasphemy. The Spaniard embarked upon a tale about a parrot, loro in Spanish. “A colourful bird,” he explained to the German, who did not know this word. Ah, Papagei, cried the latter, once he had understood. The Spaniard could not believe his ears, looked up in indignation and cried “What!? The Pope is gay?” From the Spanish and Italian word for Pope, Papa, and the English word for homosexual, ‘gay’, the Spaniard had put together an indictment fit for the Spanish Inquisition. The guilty party was in fact the clipped German pronunciation of the word, since the Spanish papagayo for macaw (South American parrots) actually looks very similar to the written German word.

Translated from Der schwule Papst