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The latest topics on the Babelforums

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The Babelforums are picking up pace with new topics and on-going active ones. The objective of the Babelforum is to allow Europeans to discuss European issues in their native language or in a language they feel comfortable in- other than English.

Our mutilingual team in Brussels regularly skims through the different discussions and spreads interesting comments posted from one linguistic version to another. But we still need your linguistic skills to translate some of the topics, ideally in all 7 languages. So if you're interested in getting involved as a moderator or translator, please contact me at

In the meantime, take a look at all the topics waiting for you to share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations or support!

In Italian:

Violenza tra bande a Parigi Now in Italian! (Also in French)


Ri-Scoprendo le biblioteche a traverso Internet. (Also in English, Spanish, French and German)

In Spanish:

¿Legalización completa de las drogas? (Also in English )

¿Un himno sin letra = Un país sin identidad? (Also in English)

La Reforma del Tratado...¿A quién le importa!? (Also in English)

Reforma europea universitaria: BOLONIA (Also in English)

In English:

US Elections forum

Theater, Movies and Concerts First topic: Is Marion Cotillard the new Juliette Binoche?

Towards a citizens-politicians divorce . First topic: Naples like Pakistan? (Also in Italian)

A place for inspiration. Would you choose the European cafe? (Also in Spanish)

Brussels or Strasbourg - where should our parliament be? (Also in Spanish)

Men should have the same paternity rights as women! (Also in Spanish, French and German)

Breaking the myth of wanting kids (Also in French, Spanish, German and Italian)

In French:

Le mariage homosexuel affecte-t-il les hétérosexuels ? (Also in Spanish and in English)

Nationalismes . First topic: Kosovo (Also in Spanish)

Vers la banalisation du sexe ?

Etudier à Bucarest (Also in English, Italian and Spanish)

In Polish:

Polacy w Londynie

Polacy w Paryżu

W domu czy poza domem?