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"The Irish referendum will not stop the EU"

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Just couple of minutes after PM Ahern announced the result of the referendum, the press service of the Estonian MFA told us that there is still the possibility to go on: " It is really too early for saying anything " the spokeperson said while lowering the volume of a tv showing constant updates from Ireland."The result seems to be no, apparently Irish people decided to reject the Lisbon Treaty but we really do not want to speculate on this event. What we can say is that what is happened today will not stop the  EU from functioning. Next Monday we will have a meeting here at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for discussing how to proceed from now on, but the most important part will come by the end of the next week, when the European Council will start its session".Once again, as some years ago, Europe is stuck on itself.And once again, during the Summer meeting of the European Council, Ministers and Prime Ministers will have to find answers and solutions for saving the development of an Union from what is looking like its second death.