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The evening begins

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Radio Free Cheesesteak

9:15 PM This posh Dublin nightclub has been transformed into Obama Ireland Headquarters. The organization behind this party was superb - more than 250 people are expected and the room is filled with red white and blue balloons. A very classy affair. On CNN earlier they were showing the Paris election party (sponsored by Moet Hennessy and..

CNN), but at what I heard was 80 euros per person, I believe that this Democrats Abroad party in Dublin is much more.. democratic.

Right now people are coming in by groups and pairs and the place is filling up. People are mingling before actual results start to come in after the first polls close.

I haven't heard of any voting problems in the states so far, but that doesn't mean there haven't been any.

CNN is playing with their magic map and awaiting the first exit polls.

More to come shortly -