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The birthplace of the Head of State Jaan Teemant had been marked

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On Wednesday, 24 September, a memorial stone has been dedicated at the birthplace of the Head of State Jaan Teemant, in Pärnu County.

At the dedication of the memorial stone in Paatsalu Village, Varbla Rural Municipality, at 14.00, President Arnold Rüütel, State Secretary Heiki Loot, Varbla Rural Municipality Mayor Sivar Tõnisson, and the representative of the family, Mari Adler, spoke.

At the gathering following the dedication of the memorial stone at the Varbla culture centre, Jaan Teemant had be recalled as a lawyer, statesman, prosecutor and citizen, by Professor Peeter Järvelaid, Chief Public Prosecutor Norman Aas and Kaire Veeroja, the researcher of the family tree of Jaan Teemant.

24 September is the 136th anniversary of the birth of Jaan Teemant. Jaan Teemant was born on 24 September 1872, in Illuste, in Lääne County. His childhood, however, passed in Kohila Rural Municipality, in the present Priidiku-Teemanti farm, which will also be marked with a memorial stone.

Jaan Teemant was the Head of State from 15 December 1925 to 9 December 1927 and from 19 February to 19 July 1932.

Teemant was also a member of the Estonian Province Assembly and the Constituent Assembly and was the Prosecutor of the Republic of Estonia.

In the anniversary year of the Republic of Estonia, the State Chancellery will mark the birthplaces of the Estonian heads of state which have not been marked yet. Earlier during the anniversary year, the birthplace of the Head of State August Rei, in Pilistvere, the birthplace of Aleksander Warma, the Prime Minister acting as the President in exile, at Viinistu, the birthplace of the Prime Minister and Head of State Otto Strandman in Kadrina Rural Municipality, Vandu Village, and the birthplace of the Chairman of the Estonian Province Assembly and Prime Minister Ado Birk, in Tarvastu Rural Municipality, Mõnnaste Village have been marked.

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