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The ''Banana Republic''...

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Athens is on fire..Greece is on fire..and I am really afraid that nobody can bring an extinguisher..I feel really upset of what happened in Exarcheia. No matter if the child attacked or not to the policemen it is unacceptable for a policeman, who knows the sensitivity of this certain district, to shoot. No public force has the right to shoot any civilian, let alone a 15 year old child.

If the child is regarded as a criminal then they arrest him..After all nobody believes that a bullet in the heart and and the stomach can happen by mistake. What is really important to me is first of all that the civil society, through blogs and through the facebook is fully aware of the event and want to react. However, those anarchists-who apparently seem to not know what their ideology is all about- for another time burn Athens and there are so many people, students, professionals and civilians who will pay for all this mess. The government and personally the PM Karamanlis are totally ABSENT and seem incapable of protecting the people who are in trouble. Also the rest of the political parties are also ABSENT and only after 48 hours later Papandreou (PASOK party) makes a statement. Our society demands changes, the political system of the country seems incapable (not to say dangerous) to handle the situation and we are waiting to see what is going to happen..The Hellenic Republic became the Banana Republic