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Thanks dad, thanks mom..

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We used to be the generation of 700 euros and now we became the generation of 592 euros. This is an indication of love from our parents. They created a state for themselves. They took loans on our backs and the backs of our children. They all retired at 50-55 years and prepared a future for us, not just uncertain. It was all About THEM.We do not know even if we are going to have pensions or not!

They are the same parents who gave us all so generously, they wanted us not to miss anything. Our gifts,'..'' They built our future as they wanted - Of course! How else would they be proud in the neighborhood ?

'the best school for your child ''The child will become a doctor / lawyer / architect.''

They are the parents who have sent us to top Graduate Schools, who bought us a ''brand new car'', because ''!!

'we were made for big things'

'. Under this motto two generations were raised, with syndromes from the Nazi Occupation; Our grandmothers store enormous amounts of food even now! And when the child will grow up we will find for him/her a nice place in the public sector''.

'We dont want our children to face the difficult years we faced''

Once we ve passed into universities we  found another paradox: eternal students trying to convince you that if you shut the School down with slogans of the Polytechneion (1973) this would ensure work/ home with gardens and pool / girlfriend etc.

Who always  want a degree with value  but to be not connected to the job market ..!!!

And here is their achievement: a dissolved state, a bankrupt and corrupted society and an army of unemployed graduates to earn 592 million now to do a job.

An incredible manpower leaves to seek his fortune outside the country. The others who are left behind are still nurtured with the idea of a small ''shop'' and a ''small place in the public sector'' ..

Why nobody ever learned us how to take risks, to create something of our own, to not sell our work to anyone for pennies? Instead of building a society of entrepreneurs we have trained civil servants.

Thanks dad, thanks mom ..