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Terminal D 19-6

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After some researches  we found one of the barracks where police brought the people arrested on the 26th and 27th.

According to some stories we have been collecting and will be soon published in these pages, the policemen's behavior often went against laws and this has also been one of the main objects of the discussion between the Estonian Government and the Duma delegation arrived in Tallinn on April the 30th.

Unfortunately has been impossible to get into the barrack - should have been impossible also to be where we have been...- but what's happened in those nights here, few steps from the ferries to Helsinki and Stockholm is being as oil on fire as many people is still telling about ladies and underage teens beaten without any apparent reason. According to some rumors, there wasn't just police there but also some other guys - someone is saying skinheads - to whom has been provided a police yellow gilet, a metal bar and a salary of 80 EEK per hour (aound 5€) for helping on manteining order.

Giovanni Angioni - Tallinn