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Tempelhof Fußball

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Second Home

Sunset with football, portrait:  Alexis from France…

Martin Gruttadauria 

Tempelhof, the old airport now transformed into a park, has received and said goodbye to millions of suitcases in its hallways, many of them belonging to foreigners.Currently, in this park every sunday people gather, sharing a common passion: football. As well as the skill of the players, one can often see something on the fields, which can be difficult to find in Berlin: integration. It seems as if football, like music, has its own, universal language that helps us understand each other. Many of the players are foreigners, who one day had to pack their suitcases with joy, fear and dreams about their new life in this city. This work is about some of them…Moreover, there are players from the following countries:

Rumania, France, Italy, Spain, England, Greece, etc… and obviously Germany.

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