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Tecktonik sucks

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I should be studying now for my exams (which are tomorrow and I'm freakin out istead of drinking to cafebabel's health) but I just wanted to share this with you.

I've just joined my dream facebook group Comité de Lutte contre l'union du SLIM, de la TECKTONIK et de la COUPE MULET, which in English means more-less 'Fight against SKINNY JEANS, TECKTONIK and COUPE MULET' (what's the English name for it? in Poland we call it "Czech football player" style).

For those uneducated, COUPE MULET is a crime against fashion, looking like this:

but also this:

which made me thinking, maybe those poor kids are trying to identify with something they know from their childhood in '80, something safe, cozy and warm, like MacGyver? That would explain A LOT, BB Brunes!

AND if you, like me, really are not an amateur of Tecktonik, this should make your day :)