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Image for Tallinn Says Au Revoir to Kaubandustanav Tunneli

Tallinn Says Au Revoir to Kaubandustanav Tunneli

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Honestly, I am not sure we will miss it in any significative way. It was nice, true, but for not more than 20 steps.

Starting the day with the smiling Pelageja poster on the records store window was surely nice, but looking at rolling sausages ready to be put into an hot dog

even before the first morning coffee had never been one of the best things ever.

It is funny tho, because as happens every time something changes, there is something romantic going on downstairs now.  Something which makes that closed door open an universe of small souvenirs.

Who does not remember the fascinating waterpipes which made a lot of people think of spending evenings at home with friends and the sweetish smell coming out from them...


who did not furtively looked at the little shop selling shiny mobile wondering how could such a shop survive...?

Anyways, it is over now.

Soon (?) we will all walk through a new tunnel, I am sure a better smelling one, with better light and in which people will care about the "no smoking" sign.

But untill then, looking at the yellow sign and the closed door will not be painless.

Goodbye Yellow Tunnel. It was nice meeting you.