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Tallinn is ranked first in terms of free WiFi coverage

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TV channel Discovery Tech listed ten best WiFi cities all over the world and Tallinn ranks first among them, writes EPL Online

The wireless internet activist Glenn Strachan ranked Tallinn first when listing the best locations all over the world in terms of free WiFi coverage.

Strachan who is a guru in the field of WiFi stated that Estonia is perhaps a strange place to start such a list. “But the coverage of wireless network in the capital of Estonia is impressive,” he noted 

Creator of the portal Veljo Haamer said that WiFi is so wide-spread in Tallinn mostly due to initiative shown by enterprises. “The City has contributed as well, installing free WiFi in the city parks,” he added.

Haamer brought an example of the Kristiine city district where WiFi is free of charge for residents. He also noted that next summer WiFi will also be available in the Tallinn public transport vehicles.

Tallinn has been offering free WiFi service since the year 2005.

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn