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Tallinn Cultural Decisions: Vote One Out!

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Of course, theoretically, both of these buildings were planned to be built until 2011 when Tallinn will be the cultural capital of Europe.

Well, in the changed economic situation it seems that the budget’s tight, so the city government had a both politically and strategically brilliant idea to give people the feeling as if they could choose themselves the construction of which of the two buildings should be preferred to the other. Nice!

At this week’s press conference, the mayor of Tallinn claimed such poll was absolutely legal and widely common, saying that they do not aim at all (sic!) to make people choose or vote one of the buildings out. On the other hand, on the website, most of the given reasons for one building are actually attacks on the other!

According to this week’s Postimees the leaders of both, Linnateater & Kultuurikatel, were shocked by this kind of a questionnaire… and have already claimed not to take part in the voting.

The stupid thing is that by this Thursday, more than 3300 people have already voted… This, unfortunately, gives the whole thing quite a legitimate aura… According to Savisaar, there have been polls that have been legitimate with even fewer votes…

As of this Thursday, it’s 59 percent against 41, in favour of Kultuurikatel

I won’t vote. And I do hope that most of the reasonable people won’t, but will instead get active against messing people’s heads with politics!

Janika Ots