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Stupid American Tuesday (Chuck Norris is going to kick your ass!)

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Everybody's talking about US elections and internet is full of crazy shit from lovers, haters and candidates themselves. Here's a tiny little selection of creme de la creme of it...

Get Hillwitched:


Hillary seems to be not the most loved conadidate,

Is it coz she's black? Or was it Obama? Ohh, I forgot he ...

Hillary stays positive, I guess thats due to massive therapy she went through after Bill's Zippergate. Is there anything worse than a international public humiliation she experienced? Don't think so...

bitch1.jpgwasn't black at all


Girl Power! She should hire Posh to spice up that image.

What Barack's PR team should get a fat bonus for is that:



And now, let's move to less sexy candidates (which doesn't mean less interesting!)

Oh my God! Is it relating to what ?


And... last but not least... Huckabee! (I heart Huckabee was an obvious choice to make in a campaign, but still brawo!)

He doesn't believe in evolution:

((/public/ilike/blog_img/.fan_m.jpg|fan.jpg|C))I think it is relating

But what shocked me the most, Chuck Norris doesn't believe in it too!! Look!

What in the world happened to his face? Is the toughest guy on planet hypnotised? Did botox session go wrong? Maybe he ate something raw? We'll never know...