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Image for Strasbourg in black and white via a 1984 Nikon FA 35mm reflex

Strasbourg in black and white via a 1984 Nikon FA 35mm reflex

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Europe’s other capital is one of the headquarters of EU parliament, the council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the Eurocorps. Photo report on this model of efficiency and strictness in the heart of Alsace, in analogue mode

The European parliament

A border city symbolising boundaries. Once a frequent bone of contention between France and Germany, it’s become a place where different cultures meet. The Alsatian architecture finishes where the typical German neoclassic style begins. Strasbourg means 'city of the streets' in Latin. It's easy to get lost in its thousands of small alleys, but wandering around you might easily come across some channels. The Ill comes off the river Rhine, shaping the appearance of a city with captivating spots and unexpected views

Strasbourg's roofs

Everything functions in Strasbourg. Traffic is non-existent: public transport, the size of the city and the bicycles dotting it give it the appearance of a model city

Iron man

Jamhil is happy to hang around catching different trams with his girl mates. It's raining; he tries to cheer us up the simulating graffiti of Egyptian divinities

The avant-garde

The university is on strike. Grassroots demonstrations are frequent, especially in the days when world leaders gather for their meetings in the big institutional buildings, all located in the north east of the city

Contemporary arson

One month ago, a violent demonstration after the Nato summit, which was held in Strasbourg on 4 April, led to arson affecting some buildings in the old customs area. Only shattered glass and burned walls remain, like in this nearby hotel

Future specks

Nearby, a group of children whose only concern is having fun. It’s them that I am interested in: nobody would consider their voices, but somebody must represent them. Otherwise, their future could be amongst the drug dealers who stop you the moment you cross the Pont d’Europe bridge on the river Rhine. As if the Rhine still were the boundary between two very close, yet such different countries

Address unknown

No home, no friends at the parliament?

La libertà

Ironic: the EU parliament is housed behind a sign warning that access to the area is forbidden. These buildings symbolise a more united, modern, and closer Europe. Is it true? What do the Europeans want?

More mobility?


Higher education aid? Like Laurence, pictured, who has almost finished her chemistry degree and will be job-hunting soon

Youth with beliefs

Do they want the new mosque completed? Ashid, pictured, and many other Algerians living in the south east of the city have been waiting a while for it

The money

Or supporting Stephanie’s fashion clothes business


Who knows what Nashrid wants from the MEPs meeting in her city. She works in a patisserie which sells excellent handmade products, tea, chocolate and other things whose names I cannot pronounce

Tulip city

Saturday morning has just kicked off at the market behind the cathedral: flowers are one of the things that Strasbourg will never run out of

Phallic symbols

Almost a thousand years ago men erected this huge gothic-style cathedral. What looks like a tiny detail here is actually a 142-metre-high spire. Inside, a massive astronomical lock is preserved

New generations?

All pictures are analogue and were taken by Marco Marucci with a Nikon FA 35mm from 1984. Check out his site

Translated from Strasburgo delle istituzioni e della gente