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You may have noticed my posting has been minimal lately. Mostly, that's because I've been filled with beautiful, and at times overpowering emotions. They've kept my inner observer too busy exploring my feelings to note anything meaningful about the outside world.

Santiago is rainy. Chile watches football and keeps its breath until La Roja gets its ticket to the 2010 World Cup.

The streets, cars and house windows are getting covered with Chilean flags in preparation for the national celebration on September 18th. The campaign for the presidential elections is running full steam.

So there. Here's some hand-picked Chilean music to make do for my lazy blogging. Nothing necessarily representative, just stuff I like and have put on repeat on my iPod throughout the months.

First off, some quality cumbia. If you're in Spain in November, check out Chico Trujillo on stage and get glowy. Then, my fav track of the Colectivo Etéreo's hip-hop album. They're huge fun on stage, and this video kicks ass. Third, a slightly kitschy, funky and danceable tune from Anita Tijoux. (See concert dates on her myspace - she's playing in Barcelona, Paris and Lausanne this month.) And last but definitely not least, the phenomenal singer-songwriter Camila Moreno. Esta va para mi amiga Kari.


Chico Trujillo - Loca

Colectivo Etéreo - Avanzando

Anita Tijoux - Despabílate

Camila Moreno - Antes que

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