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Image for stars of Sarajevo Film Festival 2012

stars of Sarajevo Film Festival 2012

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Katha Kloss


Press and fans waiting at this year's Sarajevo film festival for the crème de la crème of Balkan and European cinema.

Meet the crew of the opening movie of SFF 2012 by Bosnian filmmaker (pictured in the center, in blue)

Children of SarajevoAida Begic

Meet , the director of (original film title in Bosnian)

Aida BegicDjeca

The two main actors of the opening movie (pictured right) and playing orphans struggling with post war reality in Sarajevo.

Marija PikicIsmir Gagula

The Bosnian filmmaker with the main sponsor of the SFF 2012.

has already been screened at this year's Cannes film festival.

Children of Sarajevo

(pictured left), the main actress of Angelina Jolie's movie which was screened at last year's SFF. This year again the city was impatient for Jolie to be their guest.

Zana MarjanovicIn the land of blood and honey

More Bosnian fame from SFF's red carpet.

Real or not real... an ongoing debate.

Sarajevos's city mayor, , not missing any occasion to meet and greet at SFF 2012.

Alija Behmen

The best one for the end: Babelians during this year's travel journalism project on the red carpet.



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